New NPCs

Try out hundreds of new NPCs: From Baby Yoshies to Skewers! The options for levels are virtually endless!


New Characters

Play existing stages as your favourite characters - from Samus to Megaman! Even Snake and Klonoa are here! Or design your own stages and episodes around their unique abilities!


New Blocks

Use new blocks to give your levels more variety, and let your creativity run wild!


New Editor

The new Editor from the Moondust Devkit is simply the best way to edit levels in SMBX. There is no competition. Enjoy editing in an all new experience!


New Features

All new features, from weather effects to darkness. Give your creations some extra flair!




How To:

Installing the engine:

  1. Download the current version from the downloads page

  2. Run the installer .exe (you may be prompted to allow the install)

  3. Select a destination folder to install SMBX2 into

  4. Press next, followed by Install to start the installation (you may wish to change the checkbox settings for your own convenience)

  5. Wait for the installation to complete

Installing games and episodes:

(Installation may vary slightly depending on episode, but most will follow a similar structure to this)

  1. Download the game or episode you wish to install

  2. Navigate to your SMBX2 installation folder

  3. Navigate to the "worlds" subfolder (if you are unable to, then data/worlds will also work)

  4. Extract the game or episode zipped file to the worlds folder

  5. The worlds folder should now contain a subfolder with the title of the game or episode

  6. The game or episode should now be accessible from the SMBX2 launcher

Updating the engine:

  1. Download the patch installer

  2. Click Browse and navigate to your SMBX2 folder

  3. Once you have pointed the installer to your SMBX2 folder, click Install

  4. Wait for the installation to complete